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Daily Archives: March 19, 2016

3 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Boost Your Business

With longer days filled with bright springtime light, you may have noticed that your office needs some serious cleaning. In the darker days of winter, dust-covered office furniture and streaked windows probably went unnoticed or ignored. However, if you want to attract long-term clients or top-notch employees, here are 3 ways that spring cleaning can boost your business.

Positive Outcomes of Office Cleaning

Did you ever notice that a tidy office helps set the tone for a productive day? For example, when you can find the papers you need quickly, you save time and eliminate unnecessary frustration. Similarly, when your office is clean, employees and other visitors will experience the following:

  1. Invitation to enter and remain in your office: When visitors enter your building, they instinctively feel at home–or want to run for the door. If the surroundings are clean, they will consider staying and doing business with you.

  2. Contribution to upbeat atmosphere: When employees and guests interact in a dust-free environment, they feel physically–and mentally–better. The positive energy will ultimately impact the bottom line of your business.

  3. Increased brainstorming capacity and productivity: Without the distractions of overflowing trashcans and filthy restrooms, employees are free to focus on the business at hand. A clean office helps them think with greater clarity and increases the potential for creative brainstorming.

Value of Office Cleaning to Expand Your Business

When you have a bulging drawer full of invoices that you need to pay, do you want to add another expense like cleaning? Yes! This investment will ultimately attract the most qualified employees who will help your business expand.

To help you achieve those goals, Absolute Janitorial Services offers thorough office cleaning services in the area. With an eye for detail, our experienced and professional staff members are licensed and bonded. Every member of our team understands the value of meticulous office cleaning to help your business grow.

Contact Us About Weekly Office Cleaning in Northwest Arkansas

To maintain order, you can schedule regular office cleaning in Northwest Arkansas. Our team will:

  • Remove trash

  • Sweep and mop hardwood floors

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Clean the interior of windows

  • Cleaning and sanitize the restroom

If you are serious about helping your business thrive, don’t neglect these important weekly tasks during the rush of handling all of your other daily demands. We are ready and eager to help! Contact Absolute Janitorial Services today.